Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect after signing up with APPS?

We will help you achieve a seamless lifestyle by managing your property. From calling contractors for repairs, managing your utility bills to even looking for tenants should you lease, we got it covered.

How do I get started? What happens after I sign up?

After we receive a signed property management agreement, we do an immediate inspection and assess the situation. Then we communicate with you as to what we recommend, and what you are comfortable with.

What management options do I have? What can I expect from these options?

We offer full-service monthly management. We oversee every aspect from the moment of our partnership, until the property is taken off the market. We are firm believers in communication and never surprising our customers, so while we handle everything, we still maintain clear communication when issues arise.

How often will I hear from APPS? How will APPS contact me?

Depending on what you prefer, your property manager can contact you every time something occurs with your property or they can handle those situations with your best interests in mind. Advise your property manager of what your expectations would be so they can meet them and more. Also let them know the method of communication you prefer may it be email, home phone or mobile.

Why should I choose APPS? How is APPS the best fit for me?

We always think of innovative ideas that will make our clients excited to come home to their property. It is our honor and privilege to be working with them on their investments.

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